Bail outs are the reason the United States is failing so badly. There has been a lot of discussion about the big bank bail outs a few years ago but our country has been handing bailing out almost anyone who asks. Across all of the welfare programs (SNAP, WIC, Medicaid, etc.) our government handed out an estimated 700 billion dollars in 2010 and that number is expected to keep rising. If we were to just cut the welfare programs in half, we could knock 350 billion dollars a year off of our National Debt. If our government does not indulge in anymore spending, that extra 350 billion dollars a year would have our debt paid off in 45 years. On the surface the issue here is that our government is spending money they do not have to bail people out of hard times. The underlying issue is that our government is eliminating failure, it is just like a participation award. Say you tried really hard and failed, or maybe you did not even try, you still get an award. Now you might ask, that is not so bad, what is wrong with everyone being successful? The issue is not that I think only the best should survive, but when you eliminate failure, then those who should have failed do not, and they are robbed of the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. Learning from your mistakes is the key to any kind of success but you have to make mistakes and deal with the consequences to receive those benefits. If you were to ask any Olympic champion they would tell you that they have failed more times then succeeded. This may sound cynical but we need to reinstate the sink or swim model because right now the ones who are not swimming, are being held up by our government which cannot support everyone. There is an old quote that is perfect for our governments current situation, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” I say instead of handing out housing, food, medical insurance, and money, we spend that money on teaching those people in need how to acquire those things themselves. Job training, financial planning and more would be much more beneficial then just giving people money.


I have an idea for the NHL. The NHL suspended Torres for 25 games and fined him 2,500 dollars (just a slap on the wrist) for a dirty hit that sent another player to the hospital. Chicago’s coach got fined four times as much just for saying to the media that the officiating crew was a disgrace for not calling a penalty on the hit. According to the rules, Torres should have been ejected from the game but did not spend a second in the penalty box. Anyone else see the problem here? I think the NHL should suspend Torres, along with other players who commit such a violation, indefinitely unless they complete angry management, volunteer hours at an intensive care unit for victims of head trauma and misses at least one entire season. If the league wants these bad hits to stop they have to put their foot down and start disciplining the players. Cheap fines and game suspensions aren’t going to take care of anything. Using Torres as an example again, he was fined and suspended during the regular season for similar actions. Clearly it did not work for him. Don’t get me wrong, the intensity of hockey is one of the reasons I love the sport but this kind of intentional violence is uncalled for. If the NHL, along with other physical sports, want to maintain the integrity of their sports, something needs to be done about these excessively violent players.

What does everyone else think of my proposition?

This video was released by the NHL Player Safety Operations explaining how Torres violated three separate rules in his hit and explained his five priors.